Clients Praise Toni L. Goldfarb

"Nothing like a shiny new book to start the New Year off right! Thanks so much for your writing help-the 'Toni touch' is on every page….Thank you again for your good work on and conscientious approach to this project-and equally for your cheeriness, which helped me past many a petty hurdle."
--College-level nutrition textbook

"As a freelancer, Ms. Goldfarb has written several excellent articles for two of our company's journals….The work required her to interview several physicians-all experts in their fields-and from her interviews to compose clearly written, lively articles. In some cases the material was highly technical pharmacologic information; in others it was rather delicate-a teenager's first gynecologic examination. The style of our journals is quite colloquial, and Ms. Goldfarb has always done an excellent job of translating "medicalese" into fluid, readable English that in no way demeans the seriousness of her subjects or the stature of the physicians she interviewed….Moreover, these doctors-whose bylines appear on the articles and to whom we must present ourselves in the best light-have all been especially complimentary about Ms. Goldfarb's work."
-- Medical journal articles

"Toni, I wanted to drop you a brief line to mention the attached abstract….On the bottom of the page, you'll notice a very favorable comment from one of our review members. I agree with Dr. Cohen-the abstract was to the point and lucid, and it helps shed light on an important problem."
--Abstracts for physicians' magazines

"…Toni is to be commended, because this is the best first draft of an educational publication I think I have ever read. In addition to a submission that reads very well and addresses the points we want to make, it is obvious that she proofed it before submitting and made sure the references were well organized. I doubt that we will have to make many revisions on this. The time that we will save because of her thorough work is significant….Please relay my thanks to her and tell her that we have several other projects down the road that I would like to send her way."
--Continuing medical education publication

"Here are some copies of the cardiology supplement….Thanks so much for your stellar contribution….I'm looking forward to working with you on the next article. I've read through it and it's evident from the first sentence, first paragraph that you've given us another gem…. I've been impressed with everything you've done for Medical Economics….Your article on kids and TV was particularly well researched and effectively presented…That article was one of the few submissions from this company that made it past the first round of screening in the annual Neal Awards competition….It came very close to capturing a national award."
--Articles for physicians' magazines

"…I am delighted to send you the enclosed copies of the school nurse binder on ADHD. We have already received 15 requests for additional copies and/or speakers on ADHD. Here are some of the reactions: 'The information looks excellent.' 'Thanks so much! What a wonderful service you are performing.' 'Our school nurse just shared with me the wonderful handbook on ADHD. I am one of 4 psychologists in our school district and…it is an excellent resource….I was very impressed with the recent citations used in the handbook.'"
--Handbook for school nurses

"I'm glad that you are able to take on the reflux patient education brochure. As you know, we were very pleased with the ulcer patient's brochure and would like to have a similar feel in this second piece….I look forward to another excellent piece of work."
--Patient education brochures on gastrointestinal disorders

"If you are one of the millions of smokers who needs help in becoming a nonsmoker, the American Lung Association 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life can be a real life-saver."
--Former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop on the book by Edwin B. Fisher Jr. and Toni L. Goldfarb

"Enclosed please find your Vision Health booklet as well as the first poster…Thanks for a great job-it was good to work with you again."
--Patient education materials for distribution in physicians' offices

"…The steady, heavy flow of responses to Vol. 1, No 1 is evidence that we hit a home run with this issue…. I wanted you to know that in only 4 days, we've received nearly 500 responses… an all-time high for this kind of program. Very gratifying. And on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 as outstanding, evaluations of this effort to date are averaging 4.7. Comments are highly complimentary as well. Thanks again...for your exemplary work on this series."
--Continuing education for nurse practitioners and physician assistants

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