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Award Winning Toni L. Goldfarb Book:

The Patient Survival Guide: 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hospital and Healthcare Associated Infections

The Patient Survival Guide by Dr. Maryanne McGuckin with Toni L. Goldfarb

By Dr. Maryanne McGuckin, with Toni L. Goldfarb (Demos Health, April 2012)

  • ForeWord Reviews' Book of the Year Health Books Gold Award Winner

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    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1.7 million patients developed healthcare-acquired infections in 2010, resulting in over 100,000 deaths, adding extra days hospital stays, and costing our already broken health care system 35 to 50 billion dollars. Infections after surgery account for 20 percent of these healthcare-acquired infections; according to CDC statistics, every year over 8,000 patients die of these infections. We also know that if you get a surgical site infection, you are five times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital after you've been sent home. Since most people spend only a small part of their lives in healthcare facilities, this guidebook also tells readers how to avoid picking up serious infections in day care centers, schools, business offices, and other common locations.

    Unlike other books, which focus on how to change the hospital systems,The Patient Survival Guide focuses on patient protection. The Patient Survival Guide empowers readers with the knowledge and techniques to ensure a safer healthcare experience when the need arises to seek medical help.

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Consumers Digest Magazine: Allergy Relief: Today's Most Effective Treatments

Allergy Relief: Today's Most Effecctive Treatments, by Toni L. Goldfarb

In this issue of Consumers Digest, Toni L. Goldfarb writes about the most effective nasal allergy treatments currently available. The comprehensive article surveys prescription and non-prescription treatments currently available in the U.S. and abroad, as well as research on new treatment methods.

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Doctor's Digest Magazine: Consumer-Driven Healthcare

7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life, Edwin B. Fisher with Toni L. Goldfarb

In this issue of Doctor's Digest, Toni Goldfarb writes about one of the latest approaches to solving the healthcare crisis in our country: consumer-driven healthcare, or CDHC. These insurance plans offer patients lower monthly premiums and the option of setting up a tax-free Health Savings Account in exchange for higher out-of-pocket expenses. The idea is to apply "consumerism" to healthcare--encouraging patients to seek out high-quality, cost-effective treatment.

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Address to American Medical Writers Association

Address to American Medical Writers Association by Toni L. GoldfarbToni Goldfarb is a frequent speaker on the ethical challenges currently facing medical writers, emphasizing the added value their expertise can bring to professional publications.




7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life

7 Steps to a Smoke-Free LIfe, Edwin B. Fisher with Toni L. Goldfarb

An American Lung Association publication by Edwin B. Fisher, Ph.D. with Toni L. Goldfarb (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998)



Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology



Why I Proofread for American Society of Journalists and Authors

"As a medical writer I know that even small errors can have huge, even life-threatening consequences (e.g., the difference between BID and QID dosages). I'm still smarting from a report I submitted years ago, for which some non-expert proofreader decided that the first "h" I put in "ophthalmology" must be an error. She did a full "find and change" search of the whole report, including the headline, which now read, "Expert Advice from a Top Opthalmologist." You can bet I never sent him a copy."

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Clinical Dialogues: Antibiotic Resistant Respiratory Tract Bacteria

Veritas Institute for Medical Education Publications (issues below written by Toni L. Goldfarb)

Clinical Dialogues is a series of continuing education newsletters developed to inform nurse practitioners and physician assistants about the challenges posed by community-acquired respiratory tract infections--and to provide the latest clinical information about managing these infections.


Medical Economics

  • Acing the Interview (Medical Economics 2001;1:69)
    All the clichés about first impressions apply, so don't just walk in and hope potential employers like you. Prepare, rehearse, and show them you're a solid medical professional.

  • Doctors Who Go The Extra Mile (Medical Economics 2000;17:137)
    Phillip A. Rozeman, MD: Creating "paths to excellence" in his community

  • Doctors Who Mend Hearts in War-Torn Lands (Medical Economics Supplement;June 18, 2001:8)
    Watching televised scenes of war and destruction leaves most people feeling frustrated by their inability to help. Not pediatric cardiovascular surgeon Richard D. Ranne and cardiologist Thomas Wisenbaugh, who work for the Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa, OK. Starting in the mid-1990s, these busy physicians have repeatedly reached across the Atlantic to share their medical skills with patients in Bosnia, Palestine, and other war-torn areas.

  • Kids and TV: Should pediatricians be setting the limits?,  An article by Toni L. GoldfarbKids and TV: Should pediatricians be setting the limits? (Medical Economics/Pediatrics Edition; 2001;19:28)
    The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) says pediatricians should crack down on kids' media exposure. But are pediatricians--and parents--listening?



Robert Wood Johnson - Medicine

RWJMS Students Take Time Out for Research: (Robert Wood Johnson - Medicine, Fall/Winter 2000, 36-38)

This article examines U M D N J - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School students who take time off from medical school to pursue research.

Research Reviews

Will Calcium Antagonists Find a New Role In Resparatory Therapy? by Toni L. Goldfarb

Will Calcium Antagonists Find a New Role In Respiratory Therapy? (Respiratory Medicine Today; Vol. 1, Number 1;21-23)

Review of research suggesting that calcium channel blocking drugs may be useful in treating respiratory disease.


Reversing Drug Induced Parkinsonism

Relief for the Cardiac Woes

Sexual Activity and Vaginal Atrophy

Patient Education Booklets

Ulcer Healing Starts Here

Ulcer Healing Starts Here
Written for patients about to begin ulcer treatment, this booklet provides information on what ulcers are, what causes them, how they're treated, and how to keep them under control.



Vision Health

Vision Health: Eye Saving First Aid
Provides tips for keeping eyes safe, a fast-action eye first-aid chart, and information on when to seek immediate profession care for an eye injury.



Parenting Adviser

Parenting Adviser


Medical Abstracts Newsletter

Medical Abstracts Newsletter, Toni L. Goldfarb Editor/Publisher

Toni L. Goldfarb, Founder/Editor/Publisher/Writer



Consumer Newsletters & Magazines

Alert & Awake NewsletterAlert & Awake
A newsletter created for people with narcolepsy (Writer/Editor: Toni L. Goldfarb)


Women's Health AdvisorWomen's Health Advisor: Helping Women Over 40 Make Informed Health Decisions
A newsletter from The Center for Women's Healthcare Weill Medical College of Cornell University. (The following articles were written by Toni L. Goldfarb)


New Choices For the Best of Years: Smart Thinking About DrinkingSmart Thinking About Drinking: Its time to reevaluate our use--and abuse--of alcohol
Appearing in New Choices For the Best of Years, a Reader's Digest Publication, this article discusses guidelines for combining responsible drinking with good health.


Professional Newsletters

Senior Care News BriefsSenior Care
A newsletter from Whittle Communications designed to provide news and strategies for Health Professionals (The excerpted sections were written by Toni L. Goldfarb)


Medical Monographs


Excerpt from: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
An information and Action handbook for school nurses written by Toni L. Goldfarb.


Publications Quote Toni L. Goldfarb

When Medicine Meets the MediaExcerpt from: When Medicine Meets the Media
From an Arthritis Today Article, Toni Goldfarb discusses medical information in the public media realm.


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