Professional Experience
Freelance Medical Writer
President, TLG Publications

Writing of patient education publications, research papers, clinical summaries, journal abstracts, literature searches, training programs, newsletters, magazine articles, and books for medical, pharmaceutical, and consumer audiences.

Past clients include:

  • Advanstar Communications (Modern Medicine, Hospital Formulary, Geriatrics)
  • Medical Economics
  • Doctor's Digest/Clinician's Digest
  • Johns Hopkins Whitepapers
  • Whittle Communications (Parenting Adviser, Vision Health, Women's Health Adviser, Senior Care Quarterly)
  • Cornell Women's Health Advisor newsletter
  • Popular magazines (Good Housekeeping, Shape, American Health, Parents, others)
  • Random House
  • Pfizer
  • Wyeth-Ayerst
  • others
Medical Abstracts Newsletter
(through 1997)
Founded and created this monthly consumer newsletter, providing summaries of new research from medical specialty journals. Circulation reached over 20,000 subscribers worldwide.
Other Past Positions:

Research Coordinator
Montefiore Hospital & Medical Center
General Clinical Research Center
Bronx, New York

Monitored experimental drug trials, compiled data from medical records, prepared clinical summaries, performed literature searches and data analyses, wrote journal articles for publication, provided liaison with computer programming staff.
Laboratory Supervisor
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology
Bronx, New York
Conducted and coordinated research projects on drug effects in learning and memory, and on smoking behavior in humans and monkeys. Assisted in preparation of reports, research grants, and journal articles.
New York University B.A. with Highest Honors in Psychology
Queens College of the City University of New York Physiological Psychology Graduate Program (2 yrs.)
National Science Foundation Graduate Trainee
The Patient Survival Guide: 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hospital and Healthcare Associated Infections (Demos Health, April 2012)
by Dr. Maryanne McGuckin with Toni L. Goldfarb
American Lung Association 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life (Wiley, 1998)
by Edwin B. Fisher Jr. with Toni L. Goldfarb
Textbook chapters in:
  • Social Psychology (Prentice-Hall, 1983)
  • Health (Prentice-Hall, 1981)
  • Nutrition in Perspective (Prentice-Hall, 1980)
  • Introduction to Sociology (Prentice-Hall, 1980)
  • Outpatient Medicine (Raven Press, 1979)
  • Communication (Prentice-Hall, 1978)
  • Abnormal Psychology (Prentice-Hall, 1978)
  • Introduction to Psychology (Random House, 1975)
Research Publications
Glick SD, Goldfarb TL, Robustelli F, Geller A, Jarvik ME. Impairment of delayed
matching in monkeys by chlorpromazine and pentobarbital. Psychopharmacologia
1969; 15:125-33.

Glick SD, Goldfarb TL, Jarvik ME. Recovery of delayed matching performance following lateral frontal lesions in monkeys. Comm Behav Biol 1969; 3:299-303.

Goldfarb TL, Jarvik ME, and Glick SD. Delayed matching performance of isolated frontal monkeys. Comm Behav Biol 1969; 4:67-70.

Goldfarb TL, Jarvik ME, and Glick SD. Cigarette nicotine content as a determinant of
human smoking behavior. Psychopharmacologia 1970; 17:89-93.

Goldfarb TL, Jarvik ME. Accommodation to restricted tobacco smoke intake in cigarette smokers. Intl J Addictions 1971; 7:559-65.

Goldfarb TL, Gritz ER, Jarvik ME, Stolerman IP. Reactions to cigarettes as a function of nicotine and tar. Clin Pharmacol Ther 1976; 19:767-72.

Jarvik ME, Goldfarb TL, Carley JL. Influence of interference on delayed matching in
monkeys. J Exp Psychol 1969; 81:1-6.

Pybus RJ, Goldfarb TL, Jarvik ME. A device for measuring cigarette smoking in monkeys. J Exp Anal Behav 1969; 12:88-90.

Robustelli F, Glick SD, Goldfarb TL, Geller A, Jarvik ME. A further analysis of scopolamine impairment of delayed matching in monkeys. Comm Behav Biol 1969; 3:101-9.

Stolerman IP, Goldfarb TL, Fink R, Jarvik ME. Influencing cigarette smoking with nicotine antagonists. Psychopharmacologia 1973; 28:247-59.

Professional Memberships
American Medical Writers Association
American Society of Journalists and Authors


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